Downloading Your e-Shram Card: A Guide for Unorganized Workers in India

Eshram card download by mobile number. The e-Shram portal, launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, is a game-changer for India’s vast, unorganized workforce. This digital platform empowers informal workers by providing them with a unique e-Shram card, a social security net offering various benefits. If you’re an unorganized worker in India and haven’t downloaded your e-Shram card yet, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through the process of downloading your card using your registered mobile number. eshram-card-download-by-mobile-number.

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What is an e-Shram Card, and Why Do You Need One?

An e-Shram card is a virtual document functioning as your official identification within the unorganized worker sector. It acts as a one-stop shop for various social security schemes offered by the government, including: e shram-card-download-by-mobile-number.

  • Accidental insurance coverage
  • Maternity benefit scheme
  • Old age pension scheme
  • Housing schemes for unorganized workers
  • Skill development programs

By registering on the e-Shram portal and obtaining your e-Shram card, you gain access to these benefits and contribute to building a more secure future for yourself and your family.

Prerequisites for Downloading Your e-Shram Card

Before downloading your e-Shram card, ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be an unorganized worker, which includes street vendors, construction workers, home-based workers, migrant workers, and other professions not covered by formal employment benefits.
  • Your age should be between 16 and 59 years old.
  • You must possess a valid Aadhaar card linked to your active mobile number.

Note: If you haven’t registered on the e-Shram portal yet, you’ll need to do so before downloading your card. The registration process is simple and can be completed online or through a CSC (Common Service Center).

Downloading Your e-Shram Card Using Your Mobile Number

Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading your e-Shram card using your registered mobile number:

  1. Visit the e-Shram Portal: Open a web browser on your mobile phone or computer and navigate to the official e-Shram portal. This section is typically found on the top menu bar or a dedicated tab.
  2. Choose “Update Profile using Aadhaar”: Within the “Already Registered” section, you’ll find two options: “Update Profile using Aadhaar” and “Update Profile using UAN” (Universal Account Number). Since you’re downloading with your mobile number linked to Aadhaar, select “Update Profile using Aadhaar.”
  3. Enter your mobile number and Captcha code: A new page will appear, prompting you to enter your mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card. Enter the number accurately and complete the captcha code displayed on the screen.

Generate and Verify OTP: Click on the “Send OTP” button You will receive an OTP (one-time password) on the phone number you registered.

  1. Enter the received OTP in the designated field and click “Verify” to proceed.
  2. Download Your e-Shram Card: Upon successful verification, you’ll be directed to your e-Shram card dashboard. Locate the “Download” option and click on it to download your card in PDF format.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection while downloading your e-Shram card.
  • Save the downloaded PDF file in a secure location on your device or in cloud storage for easy access.
  • You can print a physical copy of your e-Shram card for your records.

What if you don’t have a registered mobile number with Aadhaar?

If your mobile number isn’t linked to your Aadhaar card, you can still access the e-Shram portal and update your details. Here are two options:

  1. Visit a CSC: Locate a nearby CSC (Common Service Center). CSCs are designated centers offering various government services, including Aadhaar updates. You can visit a CSC, provide them with your Aadhaar card and new mobile number, and request that they update your details. Once your mobile number is linked, you can follow the steps mentioned above to download your e-Shram card.
  2. Update Aadhaar Details Online: You can update your Aadhaar details online through the official UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) website: However, this method might require additional documents and verification processes.


Downloading your e-Shram card using your mobile number is a convenient